Add a new test question

Assessor Managers can add new question(s) to an online assessment.

Navigate to Training Assessments and scroll or search for the assessment. Click 'Manage questions' under the assessment name, then 'Add questions'.

A pop-window will appear with two question options: 

  • Choose from the library - search through all online tests and choose a question from another existing test.
  • Add new question - this is a new question which will only exist in this online test.

Enter the test question and the multiple choice answers, ensure you select which answer is the correct one! You can add a reason why this answer is correct and upload an image for the question. 

You can set the question to mandatory. This means the question will be asked in every test for this assessment. If the question if not mandatory, the question will join a pool of randomly asked questions so that every test is unique and make it difficult for the candidate to cheat.

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