Refund a Permit Application

Airport Administrator may refund a vehicle permit application through the following steps. Please Note: the full amount paid will be refunded. 

A permit can be refunded at any time after the company has made the payment; for example when the permit application has yet to be approved, or after it has been approved. 

First, click Fleet then search for a vehicle with the permit you want to refund. Click on the white box around the fleet detail.

In the Permit area, click View under the Action heading.

At the top of the permit, click Archive.

You will also be asked to supply a reason for deleting the licensed permit.

Select a reason. Then if you wish to refund the permit click the toggle ON to do this. Then click Archive, this will then archive the permit.

An email will be sent to the applicant company, notifying that the permit has been deleted.

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