Company Administrator access to the Passport training management system

Creating a Passport profile will initially give you a standard level of access to the system, meaning you will be able to book your own training and manage your own details only.  

If you need to add further users to the system (to save them from registering themselves) or make bookings on behalf of other members of staff, your profile can be upgraded to Company Administrator status by a member of the AIRDAT team.

To get this organised, please email enclosing your airport ID (or AIRDAT ID) along with your ‘Company Administrator access’ request. Permission will be sought from any existing Company Administrator(s) on the company account before your profile can be upgraded.

Once your profile has been upgraded further information will follow, and you will be able to reset staff passwords, run reports to help track and manage staff training and more.

Click here to watch a quick video guide on using the Passport training management system as a Company Administrator. 

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