Approve a vehicle permit application

When a Company submits a vehicle permit application, an email will be sent to the Airport Approver. 

Either click the link in the email to be taken directly to the permit application, or from the Fleet dashboard, in the Fleet information box, click To review.

From here, click Review.

Review the permit application, then click Modify.

There are three options available:

  1. Accept the permit -  an email notification will be sent to the company
  2. Reject the permit - the company will be notified and required to complete the application again. 
    1. Reject does not refund the permit application fee. The Company will be allowed to resubmit the application at no additional fee.
    2. However, if the company change the permit type (from a temp to a perm) or increase the permit expiry date, then the fee could increase, they will be given a refund and then will need to pay again at the higher fee
  3. Comment Only - this will include a comment in the comments area of the permit application and send an email to the applicant notifying them a comment has been made on their application.

As an AVP admin if there is anything wrong with the submission it should be rejected but you also have the option to change any of the values and accept for them.

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