Accepting Company Registration Requests & Setting Permissions

When a user signs up  to Onboard - they need to request to join a company. As a primary account holder for your company, you can accept or reject access requests to your company account. 

A primary account holder will be notified by email that an access request has been made. 

By either following the link in the email or by logging directly Onboard directly, the primary account holder will see the access request on the Company Dashboard. Use the buttons to the right of the requestee's name to either accept or reject the access request.

Should the request be rejected the user will be notified via email that their account has been rejected.

Should the request be accepted - access permissions must be selected. This will limit the access the user has to the company account in Onboard.

After clicking Approve, the request will disappear from the dashboard. The user will be notified by email that this access has been granted.

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