Paying by Credit or Debit Card in the UK?

On January 13th, 2018 the UK introduced some changes to card transaction processing fees. Due to the new rules, we have made a few changes to our card payment terms, where people are paying for Permit to Work invoices. 

If you are paying by personal credit or debit card:

There is now a ban on personal credit and debit card transaction fees. This means that if you are paying by personal card, you can expect to never pay more than the cost of the services. 

The maximum payment amount accepted on personal cards is £235. Larger invoices cannot be broken down into smaller payments to keep below this amount. Please contact us if you need assistance with your payment. 

If you are paying by corporate credit or debit card:

There is now a ban on adding transaction fees greater than the fees actually incurred (we've always charged only the actual fee amount). 

There is no limit to the payment amount.

1.4% of the total is added to the payment amount as well as a 20p (pence) fee.

You can see our card processor's fees here.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your payment, please contact us.

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