OKTA Login for internal GAL users

If you are a GAL pass holder or a contractor working directly for Gatwick you will be required to log in to Passport through the Okta portal.

When logging in, if the message below is displayed, please click the Log in with Okta button to access the Passport

After entering your Gatwick Okta login details you will be taken into the Passport system and can continue using the system as normal.

If you are a new user, you will be presented with the screen below and will be required to complete all fields when first logging in.

If you are unable to login via Okta please contact Gatwick IT support who will be able to assist. For all other queries please contact AIRDAT.

Once you have your account ready in Passport, you will be unable to edit any of your contact details, for example, your email address or your phone number, if you need any contact details updating in your profile on Passport you should contact GAL IT to do this on OKTA for you on 01293 505552. Once changes are made in OKTA they will then be automatically updated in your Passport profile.

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