Filtering Fleet

The Fleet dashboard separates Fleet into several categories: 

  • total vehicles/equipment in fleet
  • vehicle permit applications in review
  • fleet with vehicle defects
  • fleet with valid permits
  • fleet with expiring permits
  • fleet with expired permits.

Click on any of these links to be taken straight to a filtered list. 

Alternatively, click  Fleet to view all. Airport Vehicle Permit Approvers will be given two extra filters - Permits to review and Recently Approved - to further narrow the list.

Either search for the Fleet ID, licence number, company name or click Filter.

Fleet can be filtered by:

  • Company
  • Make/Model
  • Fleet type (equipment/vehicle)
  • Permit type (permanent/temporary)
  • Warnings
  • Status (valid permit, awaiting airport approval, not started, not submitted, future permit, ready for re-permit)

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