How to delete/merge a company in Passport

As a Super User or an Airport Administrator, you have access to delete/merge a company in Passport.

If you log into your Passport account and head to the 'Company' tab on the left-hand toolbar.

Then click 'Settings' and search for the company you wish to delete or merge with another company. Then select 'Edit'.

In the Overview section you will see a 'Delete company' button.

You will then see the below pop up box, if you wish to just delete the company then you should simply click 'Confirm'. The users within the deleted company will then be archived. Within a certain period of time, users can be restored, please get in touch with for further information.

If you wish to merge the company with another then enter that company into the 'Search for a company' box and then select 'Confirm'. 

Please note: When a company is merged, outstanding bookings/training will be transferred to the new company. Depending on your airports invoicing process, Invoices that have already been produced may not be migrated to the new company.

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