Company points

Airports can assign penalty points to companies in Passport. Penalty points are organised by scheme type, such as Major, Minor or Suspension schemes. 

Points from a company scheme can only be issued to a company. Points from a personal scheme can only be issued to an individual. When a new scheme is set up, Airport and Point Administrators define whether it is a Personal or Company scheme.

How to set up a company points scheme 

Select the Airport button from the vertical toolbar on the left of the screen, then select the Points button. 

The Points scheme page will show any existing points schemes across the top of the page. 

Select ‘+ Add scheme’ to create a new scheme. Make sure you select the correct scheme 'Type' - Personal or Company!

Complete the fields to name the scheme, define its type and enter other details required. Once done, click the ‘Add scheme’ button at the bottom of the page. The new scheme will appear alongside the other existing schemes across the top of the page. Select the newly added scheme and scroll down to the bottom of the page to add its associated penalties.

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