How to conduct a competency test

Persons with Visa App Auditor and Assessor permissions are able to conduct a competency test on the VISA App. 

After logging in, tap QR Scanner in the bottom right-hand corner. Then tap Competency Test.

Please note this option is only available on tablet devices.

Then either use your device camera to scan the AIRDAT QR code printed on their licence or through their app. Or search for their name or airport ID by taping Search for a user.

Search and choose the competency test you wish to use. Then either start a new assessment or continue from a previously saved assessment.

Please note that a previously saved assessment can only be accessed by the same Assessor.

This step is optional and may not be required for every competency assessment. If this step is required, you (the assessor) must confirm statements/checks and then pass the tablet to the candidate. 

Again this step may not be required for every assessment. If this step is required, the candidate must confirm statements and then pass the tablet back to you (the assessor).

The assessment sections on the left may be accessed in any order. Mark each of the criteria and tap Submit. You may Save and Exit at any time.

Once all sections and criteria have been submitted the option to Review the Test appears. If you are ready to finalise the test, tap Review the Test then Continue.

In the last section, upload images evidencing the assessment and add any additional notes. Both candidate and assessor must sign the competency test. Then tap Finalise.

The training qualification and test details are then written to the candidates' profile.

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