Manage Your Course Candidates

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Introduction to Course Candidates
Record Attendance

Introduction to Course Candidates

As a trainer, you can manage the candidates attending your course. From your Dashboard, click the 'Training' icon and navigate to 'Courses' from the Navigation menu. 

From here you can see a list of the courses that you can manage. Click 'Candidates' to manage the candidates booked onto a course. 

Record Attendance

To mark candidates as attended or absent, select the checkbox next to their profile on the right-hand-side and then click 'Confirm attendance' or 'Confirm absence'. 

If all candidates that were booked on the course attended or were absent, you can quickly mark them all by clicking the checkbox at the top of the list (this will select all candidates from the list) and then click 'Confirm attendance' or 'Confirm absence'.

You'll be asked to confirm your choice with this window, click 'Yes' to confirm.

The list of candidates will now show the status of 'Attended' next to those you confirmed attendance for and 'Did not attend' for those you confirmed absence for. 

At the end of the day these candidates and their company administrators will receive an email confirming if they were marked as absent. This email will contain a link for the candidate to quickly and easily rebook the course for a later date. 

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