View and manage my employees course booking

A Company Administrator can easily manage all of their companies' enrolment in one place. From the sidebar select "Company" then "Settings". 

You will then see a series of tabs. Select "Enrolments" and you will see a list like the one below and here you will be able to:

  • View the booking on the candidate's profile page. From there you can cancel the booking and resend the booking confirmation.
  • Swap the booking and move to another candidate within your company
  • Manage documentation (if required by the booking)

Selecting "Swap" will bring up the modal below. Just select the candidate you want to move the booking to and click "Swap Candidates".

If the booking requires documentation then you will see the required documentation type, the status, and a button to "Manage Documentation"

Clicking on "manage "Documentation" will bring up a modal and depending on the status a number of different options.

For documents awaiting approval, you will see this modal and can download the submitted documentation if required.

If the document has been rejected this modal will show and you can upload and submit a new document for review or remove the candidate from the booking.

And finally, if approved this modal. After this point, there are is no further actions for you to take.

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