Change a password

Company  Administrators and Airport Administrators can change a user's password. The user (i.e., the person named in the profile) can also change their password should they wish to update it periodically. But for this, they need to be logged in - so they must know what their current password is.  

For Administrators: please select the 'People' button from the vertical toolbar on the left of the screen. Search for the profile in question. Then click to 'View' the profile. (Users attempting to update their own password simply need to click the drop-down arrow in the top-right corner of the screen to 'View Profile'.)

From within the profile click the little, blue 'Edit details' button. This will open a new page.

Within the 'Edit Details' page, click on the 'Credentials' tab and in the password fields, type the new password. The password must be entered twice (New password and Confirm password). Then click the Save icon in the bottom-right corner of the page. 

(Note: Enabling 'Two-Factor Authentication' is a separate process and should be used with caution. Please refer to the associated Help guide if this extra level of security is required.)

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