Add Fleet

An approved Company Administrator can add vehicles and equipment to their fleet.

Please note different users may see different options for this first part. If you need to change your admin rights, please speak to your manager.


Add Fleet

Add Fleet


From the Company Dashboard, click 'Fleet', then 'Add fleet'.

Alternatively, on the left-hand side click 'Fleet'. From here click the '+ 'symbol in the bottom right corner then click 'Add Fleet'.


Select whether the fleet item type is vehicle or equipment. Then enter the registration number or fleet ID. By clicking 'Search' the registration number/fleet ID will be checked within the database. If the vehicle/equipment is found, the vehicle will be added to the Companies list (if there is no active permit).


If the registration number or fleet ID is not found, this means the vehicle/equipment is new to the airport and will need to be added manually to the system. Enter the required fields as they appear, then click 'save' or 'save and permit', located in the bottom right hand corner.



Fuel type

Engine Size (enter in cc)

Date of Manufacture (Month and Year)


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