Manage AIRDAT communications - Onboard

AIRDAT  would like to contact you on occasion for a number of reasons, including important system updates, reminder notices for upcoming expiring, useful features and services and more. We make sure that our communication with you is necessary and relevant, but you may change how we communicate with you at any time.

You can manage which communications you would like to receive, and how regularly.

Login to your Onboard account, click the down arrow in the top right corner, then select Edit profile.

To manage your communications from AIRDAT, navigate to your profile and scroll down to the Email Preferences section.

You can manage each of the update sections individually. "Instantly" will send you an email the moment an action occurs. The alternative options will compile all those action notifications into a report which will be communicated to you at the chosen interval.

Note -  if you select "None" you will no longer receive notifications of that kind until you activate them again, including reminders for upcoming expiries

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