Prepare For Audit Seminar Sessions

In 2017 Auditing (care of AIRDAT) began at Gatwick, against a company's risk assessment (supplied during the Airside Operators Licence (AOL) application).  Auditing is carried out by Dave Perry who is an EASA Approved Auditor.

Prepare for audit seminar sessions are being run to help companies prepare for the audit.  AIRDAT have worked closely with the GAL Compliance Team to put together a course to help companies prepare.

The aim of the Audit is to ensure compliance with Gatwick Airport Policies, Protocols, Airport Byelaws, Directives, Notices, European & UK statutory legislation and to ensure the company have relevant and robust company procedures in place at Gatwick Airport. This is a requirement under the AOL scheme operating at Gatwick Airport Ltd.

The seminars are running at our Gatwick Training Centre in Timberham House and a link with a map can be found here: The seminar session will last approximately two hours.

Seminar sessions can be booked via AIRDAT's Passport System or e-mail us at

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