Sydney Airport AUA Permit Process

Step 1

At Sydney Airport, all companies are required to complete application Milestones before they can start applying for AUA permits. As part of this application, all companies will need to provide an overview of their services, contact information, supporting documentation that demonstrates a genuine business need to operate airside (i.e. proof of engagement or contract), appropriate insurance including uploading a copy of their certificate of currency, and upload a signed AUA Deed of Indemnity document.

Step 2

All vehicles and equipment requiring access airside must have a valid AUA permit, affixed to the vehicle and easily visible. To apply for an AUA permit after completing the milestones, companies will need to complete a webform completing details about the vehicle, and maybe required to upload proof of valid state registration, Certificate of Roadworthiness, and/ or Letter of Compliance from an authorised mechanic to support their application.

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