I can't see my completed Litmos elearning records on my profile.

When you launch an elearning course from AIRDAT Passport, your result will be recorded automatically to your profile in AIRDAT Passport.

However, should you login to your Litmos account directly and do not launch the elearning from AIRDAT Passport, your record will not come through straight away. A syncing of qualifications is scheduled every night and your record will appear the next morning.

Should you need the record to appear urgently please follow these steps:

Once logged in, from the dashboard click on the arrow in the top right and select "View Profile".

Once your profile has loaded click "Edit details".

On the Credentials tab, click the "Sync" button and all your Litmos training will be synced with Passport and added to your profile.

If you have any issues or queries our support team is always available at help@airdat.org

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