What is a Maintenance of Airside Driving Competency?

The ADP Maintenance of Competency is a mandatory annual online refresher for all drivers Airside at London Luton Airport.

Your ADP still lasts 3 years, but the 2 sets of 12 months in between classroom courses you are required to complete the ADP MoC. The aim of this course is to remind you of the rules, regulations and responsibilities regarding Airside driving, but also to keep you up to date with all that has changed, or will change, here at London Luton Airport. 

More details can be found on OpsCom or on the AIRDAT site - www.airdat.org
Email reminders are sent out to your company admins listed on the AIRDAT Passport System, 3 months and 1 month before expiry and on the day of expiry.

The training is booked and launched via the AIRDAT Passport System the same as you would when booking a classroom course. Support docs can be found for Booking a Course if you need help with this.

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