Manage communications - Onboard

AIRDAT would like to contact you on occasion for a number of reasons. We make sure that our communication with you is necessary and relevant, but you may change how we communicate with you at any time.

To make changes to the communications you receive, login to your Onboard account and navigate to to Edit Details.

Then click the Email Preference tab. There are several options available to you:

  • AIRDAT updates - we may send emails from time to time on new features and bug fixes.
  • All Services - this will automatically turn all notifications (except for marketing) on. Or you can manage the service notifications separately:
    • Warnings - Alerts for vehicle defects, expiring vehicle permits, milestones, documents.
    • Comments - Notifications for comments received within a vehicle permit application or milestone.
    • Status Changes - We will send you emails when a milestone or vehicle application has progressed or changed status (in review, approved, rejected). 

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