How to link an AIRDAT Passport account with Flightpath (Perth)

For Perth Airport users, when you register in Passport for the first time, you will see the below screen.

If you do not currently have an existing Flightpath account, please click on 'Create new account'. An email will then be sent to you from Flightpath, to set your password. Your Flightpath username will be the same as your AIRDAT.

*Please note* If you change your AIRPORT ID your Flightpath username will not change.

Alternatively, if you do currently have an existing Flightpath account (PAPL Employees), please enter your Flightpath User ID into the 'Username' box. Then select 'Link current account'

Please Note: Your Flightpath User ID generally consists of numbers and letters (PA123). It is not your Flightpath username (such as jsmith)

An email will then be sent to you to activate the Flightpath link.

Click the link in the email to activate your Flightpath account.

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