How to issue a vehicle defect on the app

After logging in to the App and scanning/searching for a vehicle (article here), tap Action at the bottom of the screen. Then tap Defect

Please note that you will only see this option if you have been granted with Vehicle Defect Administrator permissions. 

The app will automatically input the current time and date. If this is not correct, tap in the fields and select the correct time/date. Tap Next.

Either allow the device to detect the current location or choose the location of the incident by tapping the screen once with one finger. Tap Next.

The Defect Category and Type fields are linked to all of the defects available for issue at the airport. Tap in the Category field and scroll to the defect you want to issue. Then do the same for Type.  If you so choose at a Description to provide more detail on the defect. Then tap Next.

Upload images from your device to add evidence to the defect. Tap Submit.

The point is added to the vehicle's profile and an email notification is sent to both the company administrator to rectify the defect.

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