Luton Airside Vehicle Permit (AVP) process

To start applying for vehicle permits, you first need a valid 'Airside Operators Licence' (AOL), or 'Pre-approved AOL' application.  To begin, head to and log in. If you or your company does not have an account with Onboard, you will need to register first.  To find out more about registering, see this guide -

Once you have logged in to Onboard, select 'Begin a new application'.

You will get an option to select which kind of Operators Licence you require.  If you are unsure, you can reference this list.  If your company does not feature on this list, you must apply for a full Airside Operator Licence. 

You will then see your main application screen. Please refer to the information text to ensure this application is applicable to you then click on 'View' in your milestones to begin completing the required information.

Fill in the required information and once happy, click the floating 'Save' button on the bottom right-hand side. (note: you can save your progress and return to do this later if you like) 

Your application will now go off for review by the airport.  In the meantime, you can begin to add your fleet and equipment, using the 'Fleet' button to the right-hand side. 

Select the blue, circular 'plus' button in the bottom-right corner of the screen to start adding your first fleet.

Make your selection and enter your registration number and click 'Search'.

If the system doesn't recognise the fleet ID/registration number, you will need to provide more details. Once you have completed all the answers, click on 'Save'.

You will see that this Fleet item is now in your Library.

Once your AOL or Pre-authorised AOL has been approved (this will be confirmed via email), you will be able to start permitting your fleet and equipment.  To do this, click the 'Permit' button to the right of the vehicle you'd like to permit. 

Choose the type of permit you'd like (Permanent or Temporary) and then the dates you'd like the permit.  Complete the rest of the information and then click the floating 'save' icon to the bottom right of the screen and select 'Save and Permit' (note: you can save your progress and return to do this later if you like) 

Your vehicle permit application will now go off to the airport for review and you will receive an email once it has been reviewed with further instructions. 

If you get stuck at any point, use the blue 'Support' link to the top right of the screen which you'll find on any page of the system. 

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