SYD Issued Airside Access Reporting and Non-SYD Issued Airside Access Reporting for AOL

Companies registered with SYD for ASICs, and Sydney Airport security identification cards or access control privileges are required to provide details of any terminated personnel who are holders of a SYD issued ASIC, security or access card.

Under the AOL licensee's are required to provide this report on a monthly basis.

ASIC ACC Card Report.

Where Licensees have an existing internal process in place to notify SYD of terminated employees, they may seek approval to continue this process by contacting the Sydney Airport Manager Security Policy

Approved licensees are not required to provide updates every 30 days.

AOL Licensee's who's staff are not issued a SYD issued ASIC or Access Card must provide a quarterly report noting changes in personnel working Airside in facilities.

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