Concession Card Application for Private Hire and Residents

This guide will walk you through the concession card application for private hire and residents - new and renewal.

Completing a Concession Card Application for Private Hire and Residents - New and renewal Application

To start your application you will need to visit Onboard and log in. If you or your company does not have an account with Onboard, you will need to register first.

If you have not yet registered please see this guide - Register an account in Onboard

No activation email received? Your activation email when registering may go to your spam /junk inbox. Please don't forget to check these inboxes for your activation email. 

Company name when registering an account: Please do not select an existing company. If you are Self Employed or a Resident, when registering please enter your full name or something unique and Click to add (your name) as the company.

Once you have logged in to Onboard, select ' Begin a new application'

You will get an option to select which kind of application you require. Please select ' Concession Card Application for Private Hire and Residents - New and renewal' and choose 'Begin application'.

The application costs £29.17 plus VAT. Once you have entered your card information and added any references needed for the invoice and any emails you'd like the receipt to go to select ' Confirm'.

You will then see the two milestones needed for the application. Click ‘ View’ to open a milestone.

Complete the form in the Concessions Milestone and click ' Save' in the bottom right and 'Submit milestone'.

Then click ' View' on the Insurance milestone.

Complete the form in the Insurance Milestone and click ' Save' in the bottom right and 'Submit milestone'.

Once you have submitted your application, you will see the below page. Your application needs to be reviewed and accepted before you can begin permitting vehicles.

If your application is accepted please head to the 'Permitting your vehicles' section below.

If your application is rejected, you will receive an email to say this has been rejected. You must log back into Onboard and review the application again and resubmit. The reviewer will leave comments on what needs to be changed so you should be able to resubmit after correct changes have been made.

Permitting Your Vehicles

Once your application has been accepted, you are ready to add and permit your vehicles. Log in to Onboard and select ' Fleet' on the left-hand toolbar.

Select the plus icon at the bottom right of the screen to add a fleet item.

Select the fleet item type and enter the registration and click ' Search'.

If the system doesn't recognise the fleet ID/registration number, you will need to provide more details. Once you have completed all the answers, click on ' Save and permit'. However, if you just want to save and not permit the vehicle yet, click 'Save'.

You will then need enter your start date and expiry date and read and accept the notice. Once done, click ' Save and Permit'.

Once your permit application has been reviewed and accepted, you are ready to do either of the following..

If you have submitted a renewal, your card will be reactivated within 5 days.


Please note that the forecourt admin office operates a visit by appointment only system. *

Top up your Concessions card

Please see the user guide below on how to top up your Concessions Card.

Concession Card Top Up

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How to update your Vehicle Registration

To update your vehicle registration please email with your old registration and your new registration and they can do this for you.

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