Re-Permit a Vehicle permit

In this article, you will be shown how to renew an expiring permit and how to renew an already expired permit.  


Renewing an expiring permit
Renewing an expired permit

Renewing an expiring permit

This section will guide you through how to renew a permit that is expiring.  There are 3 ways that you can do this.


Firstly login and select ' Dashboard' and then 'Fleet'. You will see under ' Fleet information' how many vehicles you have with expiring permits, select 'X' With expiring permits'.

Click on the white space around the Fleet. You will then see the ' Re-permit' button to the right where you can begin your re-permitting process.


Log in and select ' Fleet' from the left-hand toolbar.

Then select ' All fleet' and search for your Fleet ID/Licence.

Clicking the ' re-permit' button to the right will begin your renewal application or you can click on the white area to show further information (highlighted in the screenshot below, showing an example of where to click to get the expanded section). In the expanded section,  you will see a button to Re-permit (to the right) along with your current permit (to the left), please click on 'Re-permit' to start your renewal.


Log in and select ' Fleet' from the left-hand toolbar.  When a permit is up for renewal and is within the number of days allowed for the re-permitting of a vehicle set for the application, the permit will appear in the “Permits to review” tab in the fleet list and you should then click on 're-permit' to start.


Once a permit has been started for the vehicle the row will disappear from permits to review tab and will be in the all fleet tab if you filter to “not submitted”.

Renewing an expired permit

This section will guide you through how to renew a permit that has already expired.


Log in and select ' Fleet' on the left-hand toolbar. Then select 'All fleet' and search for your Fleet ID/Licence. You can click on either of the 'Permit' buttons below to begin your new permit. 

Any old information will be copied in from previous permits, this can be altered as necessary before submitting the permit for approval.


Log in and select the ' Fleet' tab on the left-hand toolbar. Search for your Fleet ID under 'All fleet' and then click on the Fleet ID and then 'permits'. You will then see a plus sign in the bottom right corner where you can add another permit to your current expired permit.

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