Change in Perth eLearning Provider

As you may be aware, Passport needs to link to a Learning Management System (LMS) to deliver eLearning. When we introduced AIRDAT Passport just over 4 years ago we linked it to Perth Airports existing LMS, Flightpath. Linking to Flightpath requires a confirmation process where users need to find and enter their Flightpath details in Passport. This process is purely driven by Flightpath and has been found to be cumbersome and often requiring you to seek assistance to make it work and keep it working.

So, we are breaking ties with Flightpath and linking to AIRDATs default LMS supplier. The good news is linking will be done behind the scenes, you and your teams won’t see the linking screen and there is nothing you need to do apart from create accounts and book training in Passport. Please be aware following the changeover, when launching eLearning your team may need to disable pop up blockers for the new LMS site. This is a once off action for each PC or device accessing the system. You may want to check with your IT team for assistance here.
The changeover date is scheduled for 12 December, keep an eye out for a banner that will be posted on Passport confirming the changeover day and times.
Were moving forward but there is another piece of work to do to make things as smooth as can be. During testing in preparation for this change, we noted some bugs in the eLearning files developed by PAPL and supplied to AIRDAT. These manly involve slides freezing causing you to have to restart the eLearning. These issues reside within the eLearning file and would have been present in Flightpath. We are now aware of these and looking to schedule updates in due course. 
As always if you need assistance visit or email
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