Complete a Vehicle Permit (Onboard)

This article will guide you through how you can, as a Company Administrator, complete vehicle permit applications at Airports where fleet is managed by AIRDAT Onboard.


Complete a Vehicle Permit

Complete a Vehicle Permit

This section will guide you through how you can complete a vehicle permit.


Once logged into 'Onboard', from the toolbar on the left of the page, click 'fleet'. 

Then using the search bar, search for the vehicle you wish to permit. There is a 'filter' option, to narrow your search options.


Next, select the blue action tab next to the vehicle that you wish to permit and then select 'permit fleet item'.


Select the 'permit type' (permanent or temporary), the start date and expiry date of the permit. Please note the date range will be dependent on your airports' specific requirement.  


Once complete, click the disk icon in the bottom right corner and choose to either 'save and permit', 'save progress' or 'save and close'.


Should you wish to permit, you may be requested to make payment. Your available payment type will be determined by your Airport.


If the fleet item has an unresolved defect, you won't be able to permit it until the defect has been resolved. You'll see the following if the item has an unresolved defect.

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