Forgotten password/username for Passport

This article will guide you through how to recover a forgotten password/username in 'Passport'.


Forgotten password/username in Passport

Forgotten password/username in Passport


In order to reset your password/username for the 'Passport' system, please visit and click the red 'Login' button in the top-right corner of the screen.


Once you have selected the relevant airport portal, click 'Choose'.

Now select the relevant system 'Passport' and then select 'Launch'.


Next, click the link: Forgot password or Airport ID? 'Click here to reset'.


Choose which details you need help with in order to log in. If you select the option: 'Forgot password', you will be able to enter your airport ID (or AIRDAT ID) and you will receive further instructions via email.

If you do not know your airport ID (or AIRDAT ID) please search your Inbox for a Welcome email from AIRDAT, as IDs are confirmed by email when your details are first registered on 'Passport'. Alternatively, select the option: 'Forgot Airport ID' and enter your email address. If matching information is found, the email for whichever option you choose should arrive promptly in your inbox (don't forget to check any junk mailboxes you may have). 

Once you have gained access to your account, it is important that you check your details to ensure your information is up to date and amend any fields as necessary.

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