Issue and Resolve a Vehicle Defect

This article will give you an overview of how to issue and resolve vehicle defects.  

Issue a Vehicle Defect

This section will guide you through the process of how to issue a vehicle defect.


Only authorised people such as an 'AVP' or 'Superuser' may issue a vehicle defect.

From the dashboard, on the left hand side, click on 'Fleet' and click 'Defect'. 


Now, search for the 'registration number/fleet ID', then select the 'date and time' of the defect report and click on the map to 'mark the location'. Now click 'next'.


Select the 'Category', 'State', 'Type', 'Reporter' and, if required, add a further description. Click 'next'.


If required, either drop files or click 'browse' to upload files to the defect record. Click either 'save' or 'save and impound' at this stage.


An email is sent to the company who owns that vehicle/equipment. The company cannot submit a permit for that vehicle/equipment until the defect has been resolved.

Resolve a vehicle defect

This section will guide you through the process of how to resolve a vehicle defect.


When an approved airport admin submits a vehicle defect, an email will be sent to the company who owns the vehicle. 


Either click the link in the email to be taken directly to the vehicle defect, or from the 'Fleet' dashboard on the left hand side, in the 'Warnings' box, click 'Review'.


You will now be taken to 'view defect record', where you will see full details of the defect. Click 'amend state' to move to next step.


Selecting 'amend state' will give you the option to type into the search box where you will be give the following options: 'elevated defect', 'requires review', 'resolution submitted' and 'resolved'.


By clicking 'resolved', you will be taken through to the following stage where you will see if any fees are owed. Once you have checked this, select 'next' to move to final stage.


Any fees should now be paid and then you should select 'confirm' and then 'yes' to resolve the defect.


You will now be returned to your 'defect record' and you can update the record accordingly. Then select 'update'.


Finally, you will returned to your 'Fleet' dashboard and an email is sent to the Airport notifying them that the defect has been resolved.

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