Company Annual Insurance Check

To begin, head to and log in. If you or your company does not have an account with 'Onboard', you will need to register first. 


Company Annual Insurance Check

This section will guide you through the process for completing a company annual insurance check on Onboard.


Once you have logged in to 'Onboard', you will be taken to your company dashboard.


Next, select ' new application'.

In order to complete this, you must complete the payment section first.


You will now get an option to select which kind of 'application' you require. 


At this point, you will be asked to enter your payment details. Once these have been entered, select 'confirm' to move to the next steps.


You will be returned to your main dashboard. Now scroll down and select 'applications' from the left hand toolbar. Now scroll down to 'company annual insurance check' and select the blue 'action' button.


Next, select 'view application'.

You will now be taken to the various stages that will be required and shown the progress that has been made towards each one.


Select 'view' next to any of the milestone stages to view these in more detail. You will see the 'progress' being made, when this has been 'submitted to Airdat', 'submitted to the airport' and when it has been 'approved'.

There is also the option to 'modify at any stage' if you have access rights as a 'superuser'.

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