How to issue a Vehicle Defect using the Visa App

This article will show you how to issue a vehicle defect using the Visa App

How to issue a Vehicle Defect using the Vehicle App


After logging in to the App, select 'QR scanner' in the bottom right-hand corner.


Next select scan fleet item and then either scan the 'QR code' or click 'search for a fleet item by typing into the search box'.


Once you have found the fleet item, select 'Action' at the bottom.


Now select 'Defect'.


Next add the date and the time for the defect and then select 'Next'.


Either allow the device to detect the current location or choose the location of the incident by tapping the screen once with one finger. Then tap 'Next'.


The 'Defect Category' and 'Type' fields are linked to all of the defects available for issue at the airport. Tap in the 'Category' field and scroll to the defect you want to issue. Then do the same for 'Type'.  You should then select the 'State' that you wish to apply and finally enter in a brief description of the defect. Now click 'Next'.


Now, you can upload up to three images. Once this has been done, select 'Submit'.


Your defect will then be successfully added and you will then finally need to select either 'Finish' or 'Finish and Impound'.


The defect will now be applied to the fleet item and an email notification is sent the company administrator to rectify the defect.

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