Gatwick Airside Driving Risk Assessment

A risk assessment for driving airside at Gatwick airport can be a fairly in-depth document.  With numerous hazards, all of which need to be considered, it can be helpful to get some guidance from those who not only operate in the airport environment on a daily basis, but train people to operate there safely too.

The document would need to be presented in a professional, standardised style  (including the use of the HSE risk matrix) but most importantly it must cover all of the hazards your company will encounter whilst operating airside and the associated control measures that are in place to reduce and manage those risks.  

As a guide, this document tends to total around 15 pages (but it can be more or less depending on your operation), if all risks that need to be considered, are. However, it is not uncommon for the size to increase much further for more complex operations.  

If you are looking to put together this document 'in-house', to ensure you put together a robust enough risk assessment, we suggest a review of the following websites, documentation and presentations would be of great value;

Civil Aviation Publication (CAP) CAP790 - Airside Driving

Civil Aviation Publication (CAP) CAP642 - Airside Safety Management


Civil Aviation Publication (CAP) CAP168, Licensing of Aerodromes

Civil Aviation Publication (CAP) CAP719 - Fundamental Human Factors

Civil Aviation Publication (CAP) CAP393 - The Air Navigation Order



Civil Aviation Publication (CAP) CAP382 - MOR reporting

The GAL Airport Byelaws and relevant Airfield advice notices (GADs)

The Department for Transport

The Gatwick Airport & IOSH Safety videos

If you require the risk assessment as part of an Airside Operator Licence application that is pre-vetted by our team, AirDAT will point out when expected standards are not being met in this area.  Please do not take any of the teams' comments personally.  They are very knowledgeable on the standards that are now being required and want to ensure your company meets them, so a successful application can be submitted first time around.

Within the online application process, AIRDAT has now provided a FREE online Risk Assessment builder.  It outlines many of the common risks that companies operating airside will encounter, and of course allows you to include your own.  With help notes right the way through, it is a sure fire way to get your assessment up to scratch before it is reviewed.

Alternativley, AirDAT can also provide a Risk Assessment consultancy service.  Our consultancy draws on over 50 years of combined aviation experience, with members from IOSH, MIMI, the RTITB and BALPA as well as CAA AME's.

The consultancy involves one of our agents obtaining a background on your operation and drafting the beginnings of a risk assessment.  We would then require a 'one to one' meeting to go through all of the aspects of the form to ensure everything is understood, every risk that will be encountered is included, and provide information as to how your company may be able to manage those risks effectively.  

The final edit of the document still remains with the company, but AirDAT has helped numerous companies through this stage and are confident that the Risk Assessment that is drafted (with local adjustments) would be robust enough for any airport in the world. 

If you would like to consider our consultancy service, please contact us at and we will get in touch with you.

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