Set an assessment to require additional information or documentation when booking

When creating or editing an assessment, you can enable the collection of additional information such as an airport ID or driving licence. In addition to this, you can also request that the booking process collects documentation that can then be reviewed. 

From any page, head to "Training" on the navigation bar to open the Training sub-options.

From these sub-options, select "Assessments" and then the + button at the bottom of the page to create a new Assessment. Alternatively, select edit by the assessment you want to amend. 

Assessor Managers can choose whether a candidate needs a drivers licence and/or an airport ID to be able to book a course or eLearning. When these options are activated, if a candidate does not have a drivers licence or a valid airport ID (not system generated) on record, they will be requested to enter this information in the booking process If they do not have this information then they will not be able to book the course.

If "Show in bookings" is enabled then you will see an additional tab called "Required Documentation". 

If you do not wish to collect any documentation in the booking process then simply turn this off at the top of the page. If enabled though you ill be able to:

  • Define the document you want to collect
  • Add text to help the person booking
  • Upload supporting documentation
  • Set a validity or allow candidates to set the expiry date of the document
  • Automatically sign-off the document (no manual intervention). If not set then the document will need to be reviewed by an approver
  • Set who can approve the documentation

Once you have made all the required changes, just hit save!

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