View and edit user permissions

Airport administrators or super users can edit a user's permissions. If you need to request a change to your permissions or your employees' permissions, please click here to contact the correct contact for your airport - Request user permissions in Passport.

There are 8 types of user permissions - 

  1. Company Administrator - for companies to manage their employees and company details
  2. Airport Administrator View - view candidates and generate permits
  3. Airport Administrator - edit and manage candidates
  4. VISA App Auditor - ability to use the VISA app to search and view candidates
  5. Points Administrator - issue and manage points
  6. Assessor - for trainers to run online tests, create course bookings, add qualifications
  7. Assessor Manage - in addition to Assessor, can edit and manage assessment criteria
  8. Super User - all of the above, the ability to manage permissions

From within the profile, click 'Edit details'. This will open a new page.

Within the 'Edit Details' page, click on the 'Access rights' tab. In the Assign new role section, select the permissions role, then click 'Assign'

Select the date the role permissions will expire, then click 'Add role(s). 

If you decide to increase your access rights - we would like to take time to advise you of the new areas you will have access to in our system and your new responsibilities therein.

People - you will now be able to view other user's personal data in AIRDAT and to an extent, edit/manage/add to their personal profile. You may also be able to create a new user.

Reports - you will be able to generate reports which will include users personal data.

A user's privacy is important to AIRDAT.  By increasing your access rights, it is important that you understand your responsibilities as a data controller for your company.

We would like to take the time to remind you, it is your responsibility to ensure a user's personal data is:

  • Processed lawfully, fairly and in a transparent manner
  • Collected only for the specific and legitimate purposes relevant and limited to the services provided within AIRDAT
  • Accurate and, where necessary, kept up to date. Any inaccuracies must be fixed or removed without undue delay.
  • Stored for only as long as necessary
  • Secured at all times, using your secured login details. You must not share your login details with anyone.

If you no longer want these access permissions, please contact us at

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