Introduction to Passport for a Trainer

Welcome to AIRDAT Passport. In this article, we will show you how to create a course booking, manage your candidates, launch an online test, edit a test score and generate a permit.

If you would like more information on these processes, click ‘Support’ and search a raft of help articles. There's a short video guide here, too. And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, simply send us a message.

How to create a course booking

From the Trainer Dashboard, click ‘create new course’. 

This will take you to all courses listed for your training company. To create a new course booking, click the plus symbol in the bottom right corner. 

Work through the course booking options -

  1. Select the Training Company and Course Title 
  2. Choose the time and date of start and end of the course
  3. Choose the trainer of the course and the training room where the training will be held
  4. How many places are available for this training course 
  5. Select if you want to restrict the course bookings to a particular company. This will limit this course booking to candidates only from this company.
  6. Click Next and enter the joining instructions for the course. You can include information on what a candidate should bring to a course or any other special instructions.
  7. Select the meeting point on the map
  8. Enter the contact number for the trainer
  9. Finally enter the cost of the course and set the cancellation period. This will prevent candidates from cancelling a course after this cutoff.

Candidates can now book into this course.

Manage your Candidates

A trainer is able to view and manage the candidates in a course by clicking ‘Candidates’.

From here a Trainer is able to add more candidates, view the profiles of enrolled candidates or by selecting the candidates either email, swap or remove the candidates from the course. Please note that you can only swap candidates from the same company.

Launch a test

On the day of the course, when you are ready to launch the online test for your candidates, click ‘Test’ from the navigation pane and search for the test you wish to administer. There are two options available -

  1. Multi-test will allow a group of candidates to log into a test using a secure code. It is important to ensure that candidates are ready as the code will expire after 5 minutes. 
  2. Single test is useful when administering a test  for one person. 

After entering into the test, the candidate is required to enter their Airport ID used within AIRDAT, confirm their identity and review any pre-test information. A candidate may choose an audio guide, whereby all questions are read out to them.

Within the test, a candidate can increase the size of the text or change the background or text colour to suit their needs.

At the end of the test a candidate will be given instructions on how to proceed. If the assessment allows a candidate to view the questions they had answered incorrectly, they may do so. In other cases, the trainer will need to log into their device and review their answers and if necessary change their score.

Generate a permit

When a candidate has passed their test if a permit is linked to the assessment, the trainer may generate the permit for immediate issue.

We hope this article has been helpful. Remember, if you need a hand click ‘Support’ and search through our articles or send us a message.

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