Points credits

Employees who have previously received penalty points can be made eligible to receive credits to their profiles. A credit will cancel out a penalty point and can be awarded to employees for their improved performance.

Point Administrators can manage when credits are awarded. Point Administrators can define a period where if no further infringements are committed, employees with points against their name will receive credits. Eligible employees will automatically receive the credits back via a nightly system update. Note: credits can only be applied to an employee profile, not a company.

When a credit has been awarded, the employee will receive a notification via the AIRDAT VISA App. The credit will show in the employee's profile under Penalties in Passport.

To enable credits, Airport Administrators can select the Airport button from the vertical, left-hand toolbar and click on Settings

Click on the Settings tab and scroll down to the Penalties area. 

Within the Points area, toggle Penalty Credits on to instruct Passport to automatically apply credits to users who have not received any additional penalties within a specified period. Enter the timeframe to determine how long a candidate must have gone without receiving additional penalties before credits are applied to them. You can also select the number of credits to be applied after that period. Once happy with the settings, click Save.

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