Review documentation for a booking

 If a course is set to require documentation then assessors with permission to administer the assessment will need to approve or reject the document. In the case of an eLearning course, documents will need to be approved before the candidate can launch the course. For in-person bookings, the reviewer has the ability to remove the candidate from the course if required.

Document reviewers will be notified by email that they have documents that need to be reviewed. 

Ther are three ways you can review documents. The first is by clicking on "Review Documentation" within the email which will take you to the user's profile where you can accept or reject the supplied documentation via the "manage Documentation" button.

Secondly, you can log into the system and you will be taken to the "Documentation" dashboard by default. Here you can preview the document, download to view it full screen and also approve/or reject the supplied documentation in the same way.

Finally, you can review the candidate list in the course booking and click "Manage"

Clicking on "Manage Documents" from within a profile or on the dashboard or "Manage" within the candidate list will bring up the modal below. Here you can download the submitted documentation and then accept or reject it.

If the document is not correct then it can be rejected. At this point, a reason must be supplied as this will be emailed to the candidate and company admin upon rejection. They can then resubmit the documentation again. The option to remove the candidate is also available on rejection. This will remove the candidate from the booking and email the candidate and company admins to let them know.

To accept the document and retain the booking (or allow the user to launch an eLearning assessment) then select "Accept" and "Confirm"

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