Purchasing and Using Account Credits in Onboard

Please note that these are not transferable between the Passport and Onboard system.

Introduction to AIRDAT Credits

AIRDAT Credits are a payment method designed to make the booking and management of training simpler and faster than ever before. 

When making purchases within our systems at airports we bill on behalf of, you will see the option to make a payment via ‘credits’.

This feature allows companies via our systems to request a value of credits that suits their operation.  An invoice is created which can be passed to the accounts department and, once paid, these will be applied to the company account for use against future purchases. 

This article will cover requesting and using credits for Onboard. To request credits for use in Passport please see this article.

Request AIRDAT Credits

Company Administrators can request credits for their company to be used for future payments on Onboard. From your Dashboard, navigate to 'Credits' icon on the navigation menu.

This is the AIRDAT Credits section of Onboard. From here you can view, manage, request and report on your company's AIRDAT Credits. This 'Overview' gives you a quick glance at your current Credits usage and remaining balance. 

To request credits, head to the 'Requests' tab. From here you can see any previous credits requests. The 'Request Details' on the left show the request value, a purchase order if applicable, the date and time of the request, and the name of the requestee. 

Invoices and credit notes can be viewed by selecting 'View Invoice' on the request.

When ready to make a new request, select the blue '+' icon to start.

In this request screen you can see the systems that these credits will be available for use in and see the minimum purchase value. Once you've entered a valid amount, click 'Confirm' to continue.

You can now view the cost breakdown of your credit request. Tax is paid on the credit payment, any payments made with credits will have tax deducted from the cost.

Once you're happy with the cost you can choose to enter a Purchase Order. This will show on your invoice. 

Click 'Submit' to finalise your request.

Pay With AIRDAT Credits

With AIRDAT Credits you can make payments for permits or applications immediately with your credits balance

Applying for applications and permits is the same process - you can see this article for help applying for a permit, or here for help starting an application.

Once you're started your application or permit and are asked for payment, you can select 'Credits' from the available options of payment methods.

Once selected, you can see the cost of your purchase and the breakdown of your Credits. Tax is deducted from the cost of any purchase with Credits. 

Once you're happy with the purchase, you can enter a Purchase Order and click 'Continue' to finalise payment.

Once confirmed, you will receive confirmation of your purchase and payment via email.

Manage AIRDAT Credits

As a Company Administrator, you can monitor and manage your company's AIRDAT Credits. 

You can see a quick overview from your 'Applications Dashboard'. Select 'Dashboard' from the Navigation menu and select the 'Applications' tab.

This is an overview of activity for your company on Passport. Scroll down to the AIRDAT Credits section.

From here you can see your most recent Credit requests and a graph showing Credit activity over the past six months. You can quickly navigate to see Credit usage or make a new Credit request from these Dashboard tiles.

To see a more in-depth view of your Credits, navigate to the 'Credits' icon on the navigation menu. 

This 'Overview' gives you a quick glance at your current Credits usage and remaining balance.

From 'Requests' you can view all your Credit requests, view paid or pending invoices or cancel a request. 

Click 'View Invoice' on any request to view the invoice for valid requests or credit note for canceled requests. 

To Cancel a Credit request, click the 'Cancel' button on that request and then confirm when asked.

The 'Usage' tab shows all a graph of your company's Credits usage. 

Here you can see an overview of your Credits trend and any upcoming credits that will expire if not used.

You can mouse-over a point on the graph for more information.

Underneath the graph is a searchable and filterable list of all transactions made with AIRDAT Credits on Onboard for your company. 

You can search for a transaction with key-words or use the 'Filter' options to find specific transactions.

You can also produce a report on all Credits activity for your company from the 'Report' tab. 

To run this report, select a date range of transactions you'd like to report on. 

You can optionally filter to transactions above, below or between certain values.

You can optionally filter to users within your company to track purchases of individuals. 

Select 'Generate Report' once happy with your parameters and open the downloaded report for viewing.

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