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Introduction to Course Documents

Assessments can be set up to require documentation be submitted at the time of booking, allowing trainers to collect and vet important documents before the course begins. Candidates can easily upload and track the status of their submitted documents from their course enrolment and trainers can quickly build the requirements for the assessment and manage submitted documentation from an easy to use dashboard. See below for help getting started with course documents.


Submit Documents When Booking
Resubmitting Rejected Documents


Manage Assessment Documentation
Manage Document Approvers
Review Submitted Documents

Submit Documents When Booking

When booking a course, you may be required to upload documentation. You will be presented with this screen, asking for documents for yourself or any candidates you're booking onto the course. The red message at the top of the page shows you which documents are still required.

To view the details of a requirement and upload your document, click onto the requirement to expand it.

Once expanded you can see any guidance information the trainer has left for you along with any supporting documents you need to view to assist you with this requirement.

Once you're ready to upload your document, simply click on the upload box and navigate to your document, or drag your document into the box to upload it.

Once your document is uploaded you'll see that the status of the requirement changes to a tick. Continue uploading any further requirements, the red message at the top of your screen indicates which requirements remain incomplete.

Once you have uploaded all requirements, you can continue with your course booking. Please see this article if you need additional help booking a course

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Resubmitting Rejected Documents

If one of your documents for a course booking has been rejected, you can resubmit the document from Passport.

Logging into Passport will take you directly to your 'Documentation Dashboard' for you to review and resubmit your document.

You can get back to this page at any time by navigating to your 'Dashboard' and selecting the 'Documentation' tab. This tab will only show if you have documents that require submitting. 

When you're ready to resubmit your document, click 'Resubmit' to open your enrolments list on your Profile. 

Here you can see your course enrolment with the document that has been rejected. Click the 'Action' button on this enrolment and then 'Manage documentation'.

This will open a screen where you can see the documents you uploaded for this course. To view or edit a document, click it's panel to expand it.

Once expanded, a rejected documentation will show you the trainer's feedback, and will allow you to upload a new document. Click the upload box and navigate to your file, or drag and drop your document into the box to upload it.

If you don't have the required documentation you may remove yourself from the course by toggling on 'Remove candidate from course'.

Click 'Save' when you're done to return to your profile.

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Manage Assessment Documentation

When creating or editing an assessment, you can enable and manage the collection of documents. Navigate to 'Training' and then 'Assessments' on the navigation panel and select the assessment you wish to edit. 

Select the 'Required Documentation' tab at the top of the edit assessment screen, and toggle the option on to begin.

This assessment is now set to require documentation. To add your first requirement, click 'Add new requirement'.

Your first documentation requirement will then appear, you can click the bin icon to remove it or click the pencil icon to start editing this requirement. 

Once you select to edit this requirement, the page will expand to show you all the options and fields available to you.

The first field allows you to update the documentation name - this is the title of the document the candidate will be asked to upload during the booking process.

The second field 'Linked Assessment' allows you to select an assessment which will be applied to the candidate's Passport profile once this documentation has been approved. Leave this blank if you do not wish to link an assessment to this document requirement.

The third field is your guidance to the candidate booking the assessment. They will be shown this guidance text when asked to upload the document.

You can also upload a supporting document with guidance or any other information for the candidate relating to this document requirement.

Finally, you can set the validity settings of this document. By default, the document is set to not expire so leaving this section blank will keep that setting. You can select the toggle on the left if 'Candidates can set validity'. This will allow them to manually enter the validity period of the document when uploading which can be approved by a trainer later. You may instead set a fixed validity period for this document on the right-hand-side.

When you are finished editing this document requirement, you can collapse the settings by clicking 'Close' and add another document requirement by clicking 'Add a new requirement'.

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Manage Document Approvers

You may choose who can approve the documentation candidates upload against your requirements at the bottom of the 'Required Documentation' tab when editing an assessment. 

If you wish to automatically set all documents to be approved you can toggle the option on here:

If the documents will require review and approval, you can select one of the following options. 'All assessors' will allow any assessor who has access to and can manage the assessment to view, approve or reject the documentation uploaded by the candidates. 

'Individual users' will allow you to search for specific trainers to grant them the permissions to view, approve or reject the documentation. 

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Review Submitted Documents

As a trainer with document assessor permissions for an assessment, you can review and manage documents submitted by candidates. 

From your Passport Dashboard, select the 'Documentation' tab at the top of your screen. 

Here you can see a list of candidates who have documents for review. You can see the course name and the documents that are uploaded on the left-hand-side.

To see the documents, click 'Preview'. You can then navigate to specific documents if there are multiple by clicking 'Go to document' and selecting the one you wish to preview.

You can use the arrows to the left and right of the document to navigate through multiple pages.

You can download all the documents by clicking 'Download all' at the bottom of the preview panel.

When ready to review the documents, click 'Manage documentation' at the bottom of the preview panel. This will open a screen for you to download, approve or reject the uploaded documents. 

Here you can see a list of the documents for review. Select a document to expand it. You can see the status of the document, 'Requires review' means the document is pending your approval or rejection.

You can download a copy of the document by clicking 'Download document'.

Once you've reviewed the document, you can approve or reject. You can click 'Save' at any time if you need to come back later to finish reviewing the documents.

Approving a document will send the candidate a confirmation email. All documents should be reviewed and approved before the course takes place. 

Rejecting a document will require you to provide feedback for the candidate, an email will be sent to the candidate containing your feedback for them.

Rejecting a document also gives you the option to remove the candidate from the course. They will then need to book onto the course again with corrected documentation.

Once finished, click 'Save' to return to your Dashboard.

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