Enrol in an eLearning Course from the Dashboard

To enrol in an eLearning course, once logged in - head to the 'You' dashboard, by clicking the 'Dashboard' menu icon, then the 'You' tab.  In this dashboard, you will see a button Train me

Click on this button and you will be taken to the Training Enrolment area. Start to type the name of the course into the 'search for a course' box, or click 'view all' to see everything that's available.  You can apply additional filters using the 'Filter' option too. 

When you have found your eLearning course, click 'Choose Course' or you can find out more information on a course type by clicking 'view description' 

Depending on the course you have chosen, you will be asked to make payment (if payment is required) and you will be asked to confirm the eLearning course. An email will be sent to both yourself and your company.  You will then be invited to launch the course.  Whilst you are working through the course, you can always come back to your enrollments area and launch from there too.

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