eLearning Quotas

In this article you will be shown how to set Quotas for eLearning and how they work.

E-learning quotas are for Airport Administrators and Super Users to manage and track e-Learning courses that are provided to candidates for free. These quotas allow you to monitor and control your spend. They can be customised so you can control spending at the granularity that suits you. Monitor all e-Learning together, split it by department or course type, or track courses individually.


How to add seats to your eLearning Quota
How to separate eLearning courses into different Quotas

Quotas can only be accessed by Super Users or Airport Administrators.

How to add seats to your eLearning Quota

If you find you are coming to the end of the amount of seats on your Quota, you can easily add more..


Log into your AIRDAT Passport profile and from your Dashboard click on the plus sign and add the widget called 'Quota additional seats requests'. Then click 'Add seats to quota'.

Then select between adding seats to the current period or the next period and select how many seats you'd like to add. Then if required, enter a PO/Reference number and select 'Submit request'. This will then generate an invoice for you. Once paid the request will be approved by a member of the accounts team.

How to separate eLearning courses into different Quotas

If you wish to organise your eLearning courses into different categories please see below.


Log into your AIRDAT Passport profile and select the 'Airport' tab on the left hand side, then click on 'Settings' and 'eLearning'.

Scroll down and click on 'Add quota'. Give the Quota a name, select the amount of seats you need, select a start date and colour scheme (this is for the graphs in your Dashboard) and select any eLearning courses you want included and click 'Add'.

Please note that only non-charged eLearning courses go into a quota. Any charged eLearning courses won't go into a quota.

Your quota will then appear in the list with your default quota, don't forget to save.

Then when you next visit your Dashboard, you will need to add the 'Live quota usage' for any live quotas you have and they will be visible on your dashboard.

By default all non-charged eLearning courses are placed in the first quota created. So when another quota is added you can select all the eLearning courses you wish to be included. Any courses not selected will remain in the original quota.

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