Credit Control and System Access

AIRDAT offer a variety of systems of services, some of which are paid for by invoice. Failure to pay invoices could mean your account gets put on Credit Control. This article will explain what Credit Control means for AIRDAT systems, and how you can regain access to your accounts if they've been locked. 


AIRDAT's Invoice Terms
Credit Control

If you are unable to access AIRDAT systems due to credit control, please have your accounts team contact or +44(0) 1227 2000 66 to settle your account with us.

AIRDAT's Invoice Terms

Our invoice terms are fixed and applicable to all companies that use our systems and services. These payment terms are 30 days from the date of invoice. For more information on our payment or other terms, please see here.

Credit Control

We automatically place any company on Credit Control if an invoice has not been paid by it's due date. Credit Control means that your staff will not be able to log in or use AIRDAT systems. Upon logging in, the below message will show.

To resolve this, you'll need to make any outstanding payments. If you don't have copies of any outstanding invoices, our accounts team can provide you all the information you need to regain access our systems. You can contact our accounts team via email at or by phone on +44(0) 1227 2000 66.

Your account is automatically unlocked once all outstanding payments are settled.

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