View and manage my employees course booking

Managing employees course booking is a useful function for a Company Administrator, who can manage all of their company's enrolments in one place.


View and Manage Employees Course Booking

View and Manage Employees Course Booking

This section will guide you through how to view, manage and edit course booking on 'Passport'.  For this, you will need to access as a Company Administrator.


Firstly, from the sidebar select 'Company' then 'Settings'.   


You will then see a series of tabs. Select 'Enrolments'.


Selecting 'Enrolments' will let you see all of your company's booked enrolments, similar to the example below.

By clicking into the white space, you will be given two options; 'Cancel' or 'Resend instructions'.


If the booking requires documentation, then you will see the 'Required documentation type', 'Status' and 'Manage documentation'.


Clicking on 'Manage documentation' will bring up a range of options, similar to the example below. 

For documents awaiting approval, you will see the 'Awaiting approval' notification and you can then download the submitted documentation if required.


If the document has been rejected, similarly to the example below, you can upload and submit a new document for review or remove the candidate from the booking.  Remember to select 'Confirm' once changes have been made.


Finally, if all documentation has been correctly uploaded, you will see a green tick box saying 'Documentation has been approved'. Then select 'Ok'.


If you require any further help at this stage, such as swapping candidates or anything else, please email me the 'Support Team' at

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