UK Airside Driving Medicals

Medical standards can vary from airport to airport in the UK.  Generally, most airports require either a medical self-declaration form or a full medical certificate to be produced in advance of, or during an Airside Driving course in order for the licence to be issued.  If you are making your course booking via AIRDAT, we will always state the requirement within the joining instructions for you.

There are various centres that are authorised to issue an ADP medical certificate but AIRDAT can provide this to you at Gatwick, Luton and Stansted and Heathrow.

You can book individual medical sessions, or even combined medical and ADP training courses via the AIRDAT Passport system, or using our mobile app, VISA.  Simply search for 'Medical + ADP Initial/Refresher' courses, or for 'ADP Driver Medical Session' when making a booking. 

If you would like to book a bespoke medical session, please contact the team via or 01227 2000 66

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