Cancel a course booking

To cancel a course booking, click View in the Existing Enrolment box on the employee Dashboard in Passport. From the Enrolments tab, you can see all bookings a candidate currently has. To cancel a specific booking, select the Action button then click the Cancel Booking button on the relevant course. 

(If the cancel button is no longer visible, check the original booking confirmation email for details about the course's cancellation period. Use the Resend instructions button if you require a copy of this email.)

With the Cancel booking button selected, you will be asked to confirm the cancellation. Click OK.

You will then see this screen where you can download your refund receipt.

The receipt can also be found in the profile history tab

Once the booking has been canceled it will no longer appear on the candidate's course enrolments tab in their profile.

If you need any further assistance canceling your booking, please contact AIRDAT support.

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