Browser and OS Requirements

AIRDAT applications are fully web-based.  The following browser types are supported on Windows and Mac OS X operating systems:

For mobile/tablet devices:

  • iOS Safari (version 5 upwards)
  • Opera Mini (all)
  • Opera Mobile (version 12.1 upwards)
  • Android Browser (version 76 upwards)
  • Chrome for Android (version 78 upwards)
  • Firefox for Android (version 68 upwards)
  • Samsung Internet (version 4 upwards)

With earlier browser versions partly supported (details provided on request). 

AIRDAT requires all browser types to have Javascript & cookies enabled.  In addition, for those administrator devices used to create and print permits where photos are required, associated browsers need to be authorised to launch/control an attached webcam.  Where documents are required to be uploaded or downloaded to/from the AIRDAT application, this must be enabled accordingly in the associated browser. 

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