Updating Company Contact Details


Company Details

Company Details

This section will guide you through how to update company details, either as an airport or company administrator.

If you do not see the 'Company' button in the navigation bar, you do not have the permissions to manage company details.  Please email help@airdat.org to request access rights in Passport.


Firstly navigate to 'Company' and then select 'Settings'.


Next click on the 'Contact details' tab and your company details should appear.


Click 'Edit' and update the fields as required. 

Please note that it is essential that these items are frequently kept up to date.


If your invoice and general contact information are the same, you can click 'copy them across' to save time. When complete, click 'save'.


A link is also included here to the payment terms and conditions of our company:

Payment terms and conditions

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