Impound Report


Configure Impound Report

Configure Impound Report

This section will guide you through how you can generate Impound Reports.


Once logged into 'Onboard, select 'Reports' from the left hand side toolbar and then select 'Fleet'.


Next, select 'Impound report' from the list of fleet reports.


Once selected, you can start to configure your report. You can filter down to specific companies, dates or fleet details to have your report as granular as you'd like. You can also filter to specific impound data, like the reason for impound, the current impound state or impound IDs. 

If you're reporting on items that have been disposed of through the impound process, make sure 'include archived' is toggled on, as once an item is disposed of it is archived in Onboard. 


Once you're happy with your report parameters, click 'Generate'. This will produce an excel report. 

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